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1)    Restorative

a)      Fillings:

For small caries in primary teeth without injection.

For larger caries in primary teeth we numb with local anesthesia.

Filled with Glass Ionomer  for its Fluiride releasing qualities

b)      Nerve

Very large cavities cause toothaches, nerve infections, swelling. Sensitive to hot and cold.We clean the infected part of nerve and fill with antibacterial medicine and place a protective filling.

c)      Crown:

Used where a cavity has affected so much tooth structure that the filling can’t be used to repair the tooth.

For front teeth we have white crowns, for back teeth we have both stainless steel and white crowns.


2)    Preventative treatment

a)      Fluoride application:

It is used in small amounts on routine basis (4 times a year).

Helps prevent tooth decay by encouraging (remineralization), strengthening of weak areas in teeth.

It is effective when combined with healthy diet and good oral hygiene.

b)      Sealants:

Protect grooved and pitted surfaces of teeth, especially chewing surfaces of back teeth (molars). It is single visit procedure


3)    Space maintainers

The best space maintenance is preservation of permanent molars until natural exfoliation, but some children lose their primary teeth early due to dental disease. In this case, space maintainers are recommended to prevent space loss (some teeth last up to 12 years).

Space maintainers are made of metal and holds open the space between the teeth.

If left untreated, teeth may require orthodontic treatment




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