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1-    Teeth whitening: this is a 30-minuits procedure that is done at the clinic using a special LED or halogen light with the whitening gel painted on the teeth. It improves the teeth color up to 8 shades

2-    Ceramic veneers: these very thin layers of porcelain are bonded to the teeth front surface to improve shape, position, color and size of the teeth. Exact shade of the teeth can be chosen so you can hardly recognize it from natural teeth.

3-    Tooth colored fillings: used to replace old silver filling, these filings can be used for front and back teeth. They can be made directly in the mouth using the composite resin material or indirectly in the dental laboratory using porcelain or zirconia materials (inlay – onlay)

4-    Tooth jewels: these are very small crystals that adhere to the tooth surface. It is a 10-minuits painless procedure that improves your smile. It doesn’t affect the tooth surface , so if it is removed the tooth will still remain intact


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